Residential Window Tinting – The Plains, VA



The Solution: We applied Panorama Slate 40 window tinting film to the lower eye level glass and Panorama Slate 20 window tinting film to the upper glass and skylights. You can see an example in the images above and below. The Panorama Slate 20 films rejects 70% of the solar energy entering the room, 75% of the glare and 99.9% of the UV rays .

We also installed 11% transparent retractable solar shades to the eastern lower levels for use in the morning when the sun is most intense. The transparent shade maintains the lovely view, yet provides the necessary reduction in glare to make the room comfortable for morning use without having to wear sunglasses. After the morning sun is gone, the shades can easily be retracted and the window film keeps the room comfortable throughout the rest of the day.

Do you have a building that is unbearably hot during the summer months and is overloading your HVAC system? Are tenants complaining about being hot or uncomfortable? Are you concerned with your building’s energy efficiency and that it could be a deterrent to prospective tenants?

Would you like to save on expensive energy costs that are cutting into your earnings?