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Window Security Film Installation | Washington, D.C.

Is it time to install security film on the windows at your Washington, DC, office or home?

Security window film installation enhances the safety of your business or residence with an extra layer of protection. The security window film enhancement can strengthen your glass 2-3 times, making it safer and more robust.

Cities across the United States, notably Washington, D.C., have seen an uprise in vandalism and “Smash and Grab” retail thefts over the last few years. Because of the uptick in window break-ins, equipping exterior windows with security window film helps reduce broken glass and promotes safety.

See how it works below!

What is Security Film for Windows? How it Works –

Installing security window film can enhance your DC location’s security and safety, but understanding how it works is essential. Security window film can be installed on the outside or inside of exterior glass surfaces, and the film is also composed of polyester or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

The installation process is done by a professional tinting company like AC Glass Tinting, located in Washington, D.C, because of the challenging nature of installing window film. The highly adhesive film serves as an additional layer of protection for glass surfaces that would typically shatter form rocks or forced entry. Instead, the film is designed to cling to the broken glass, promoting safety and delayed entry.

Benefits of Security Window Film:

Below are the top benefits of installing window security film in Washington, DC:

1. Delay Entry

The top use of security window film is delayed entry and security. Once exterior security window film has been installed, in the event of a forced entry through glass surfaces, the glass shatters by staying within the film. In most cases, this will stop intruders in their tracks, forcing them to retreat or, at the very least, delay their entry. A delayed entry gives first responders the ability to respond to the scene.

2. Safety

Shattered glass is never safe, whether it is an accident or a crime. Cleaning up broken glass and accidental injuries go hand in hand, which is why security window film helps prevent glass injuries. The adhesive film prevents glass from shattering all over and holds the broken pieces in place.

3. Vandalism, Break-ins, and Forced Entry Attempts

When you install security window film on the exterior windows of your DC business or home, you can mitigate vandalism, break-in attempts, and forced entry. The blunt force required to break a window is increased with security film. Thus, minor vandalism doesn’t cause as much damage.

4. Increase Privacy with Tinted Security Window Film

Adding the element of tinted or reflective window film increases the privacy of your building’s windows and glass doors. Safety window film can be installed in tinted, reflective, or neutral window film, adding an enhanced layer of security. Vandals and break-ins are less likely to occur if someone doesn’t know what is on the other side of the window. The tinted security film is a great deterrent in itself, and if your Washington, D.C., company doesn’t need visible storefronts, consider the increased privacy!

5. Sun Control Window Film

Ever been in a bank in the Nation’s Capital on a sunny day only to find the inside cool and less bright? Banks usually use tinted security window film that helps block out the sun. Not only is this great for security, but it also helps keep the inside of your building cool – just like a window tint on a car.

Professional Window Security Film Installation

Are you looking for a professional installation team to help you with your glass windows and doors in the Washington, DC, area? If so, A&C Glass Tinting in Washington, D.C., can help! We are a leading security window film installation provider with a proven track record.

Window security film installation requires custom fitting and application, and to ensure the job is done correctly, we advise hiring a professional. If your business or home is located in Washington, D.C., and you need security window film installation, tap below to get a custom quote.


Security window film is used to provide an extra layer of resistance to glass windows and is comprised of a poly-based coating – like tinting material – applied directly to glass surfaces. The security film prevents shattered glass from going everywhere, and the extra layer can deter intruders. Accidental damage is less common when window security film is applied.

Window security film can assist in preventing smash and grabs, intruders, break-ins at night, items being thrown at windows/glass doors, and storm debris, and it can also provide added security with tinting.

Safety and security window film does not make windows unbreakable or shatterproof. While it can strengthen windows 2-3 times more than their rating, it does not guarantee that the windows cannot shatter. Instead, the film keeps the glass in place better, promoting safety but also preventing the intruder from getting in so easily.

Security window films can be applied inside, outside, or on both sides, depending on your security needs and goals. In the Washington, D.C. area, with the uptick of smash and grabs, crime, and other issues, adding security film on the inside or outside is ideal. A second layer can prevent intruders and hold broken glass in place longer for added protection.

The tempered glass design (breaks into small cubes) makes installing window security film unsuitable. Tempered glass is utilized to break safely and is a weaker glass; therefore, utilizing security window film really has no benefits.

Most companies like us here at A&C Glass Tinting, LLC, that install window security film charge per square foot. Prices can vary from $5 per square foot to over $20. Typically, the price is customized based on the total square footage of the window project. To get a custom quote from A&C Glass Tinting in Washington, D.C., tap here today.

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