Residential Low Emissivity Window Tinting Film for Historic Home Orange VA



We recommended Ecolux 70 Low E window film.  Ecolux has none of the ugly reflectivity and irridesent rainbow look inherent in other low e window films, making it a perfect film for application in a historic home where aesthetics and invisibility are of utmost importance.

It’s the next generation low-emissivity film technology that does more than solar-control films. Its technology is sophisticated, but what it does is simple. Dual-action Ecolux helps keep heat out in the summer because the film is designed to reject the heat from the outside keeping the inside cooler and therefore reducing the need of air conditioning. In the winter time and colder days and nights, the film reflects the heat back into the room, allowing you to save lots of money by reducing the need of heating.

Comfort, savings and energy efficiency aren’t the whole story. Ecolux has high visible light transmission or VLT. This means your window transmits all the natural daylight and at the same time controls heat gain or loss.

High performance window film is a cost effective alternative to window replacement, more efficient than double pane glass. You can increase the performance of your existing windows for significantly less than the cost of window replacement when you choose Ecolux low-e window film for your home.

“More Efficient than double pane glass”

  • Retains 41% more heat in winter.
  • Rejects 52% of Total energy in summer
  • Rejects 99.9% of UV rays
  • Hold broken glass in place offering safety and security
  • Lifetime warranty

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