Commercial Window Tinting Film Installation – Washington, DC



Some benefits of installing Panorama Slate 10 window film are that it rejects 79% of total solar energy, 87% of solar glare, and filters out 99.99% of UV rays. This one solar film provides all of these benefits and can be easily applied to just about any window; residential or commercial property. It also caries an industry best, sixteen year commercial warranty and a window manufacturers matching thermal stress and seal failure warranty.

Energy saving window tinting film manufacturers have come a long way with their window film technology in the 30 years we have been in business, and continue to push the boundaries of energy efficiency.

Not only do these films help you save money on energy costs, they are also better for the environment. The less your run your heater and air conditioner, the less CFCs and harmful emissions you expel out into the environment lowering your carbon footprint.

As you can see in the pictures below, Panorama Slate 10 window film provides an aesthetic improvement to their building as well. The before and after pictures are like night and day. The window film replaced their old and worn blinds with clean look that still provides a certain amount of privacy. We think this film was the perfect fit for their building and is exactly the look that they were going for.