Commercial Window Tinting Film for Office Building Washington DC



After much comparison and due diligence, the client chose the Panorama Slate 40 window film over a variety of other films.  This window film is great for commercial use but can also be used in residential projects as well. It provides UV and heat reduction which can help reduce glare, lower utility costs and make the environment more comfortable. From the interior the view is not distorted due to the low reflectivity inside.  from the outside, it has a subtle reflectivity and is barely noticeable.  This film was exactly what the client was looking for and they were very pleased with the results.

The Panorama carries a sixteen year commercial warranty and a 10 year glass breakage warranty, which was better than any other film they considered.

The quick dry time minimized film curing to quickly achieve optical clarity and perfection. If you are searching for window film in the greater Washington, DC metro area or the surrounding areas of  MD and VA, trust in the film experts at A&C Glass Tinting LLC.