Commercial Security Window Film Installation in Washington, DC for Department of Arts and Humanites



Every window tinting project is different, so we have various window tinting films for various applications. For this project, DCCAH decided on 3M’s Ultra 600 Security Window Film because it is a clear non heat absorbing film that would be safe on their smart glass and provide much needed additional UV protection for their displayed artwork. It is a high grade, 6 mil thick, security window film that provides great fragment protection in case someone tries to break a window. This film also provides an overall increase in strength to the windows which helps to fortify them and make them more secure.

As you can imagine, fading and security were a major concern for the DCCAH, and protecting their paintings, sculptures, and other valuables, was the top priority.

Applying this type of security window film can be a great deterrent for thieves. The film uses 42 micro-thin layers of cross-woven polyester to create a security window film that can bolster the strength of any window and prevent the glass from shattering. Security window film can also be attached to the window with a wet glaze adhesive attachment system to anchor the film to the frame.