Residential owners everywhere are discovering the endless benefits of window film. With all the choices of film and varying benefits provided, A&C Tint only works with the best film brands that stand above the rest in quality, performance and appearance.


Our experience on various commercial projects, office complexes and retail storefronts, makes us a clear choice to provide energy savings, security needs, and a professional and aesthetically pleasing look for your building.

National Retail

Having completed thousands of window film installation projects for national retail and restaurant chains across the globe. Satisfied customers have invested wisely with our security, energy conservation, and privacy films that help resolve common...


We understand the logistics of working with local and federal government agencies. Our client list includes well known entities such as: US Military, US Government, DEA, FAA, Social Security Administration, US Postal Service,

Commercial Window Security Film in Washington DC and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for professional window film and tinting solutions? 

Since 1988, A&C Glass and Tint has specialized in commercial window tinting and security window film applications. Our products and services include security window film, safety window film, glass fragment retention film, glass protection film, burglar resistant window film, decorative window film, business window tinting and privacy/frosted window tinting films for heat and glare reduction and energy conservation ‘on time and on budget’.  

Security and Safety Window Film Installation

A&C Glass Tinting takes its responsibility to provide security personnel and building management with the most up-to-date information available in protective glazing.

Security window film, or FRF, applications are an important defensive measure that protect people and assets from bomb blast, forced entry, and windstorm.

However, understanding the different film options, blast load requirements, attachment systems and installation challenges inherent in these critical retro-fits requires an experienced no-nonsense team.

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Sun Control Window Film Installation

Sun control window film works by selectively filtering the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum, letting visible light through while blocking damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation and infrared heat energy.  

Quality sun control films also mitigate excessive heat gain, while promoting a more comfortable office environment with less heat and glare.

Did you know that sun control films will save you money by reducing building energy demand while improving occupant comfort.

For apartment buildings and commercial structures, this can lead to higher tenant retention.


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Decorative / Privacy Window Film Installation

Privacy window film is the perfect solution to hide the view into rooms without disrupting your view to the outdoors. Not only are such window films available in many attractive designs, but privacy film is also a financially-smart alternative to conventional window coverings like blinds, shades, and drapes, as they allow natural light into a room’s interior.

From one-way privacy window film to decorative glass film, the various options for privacy window films offer an abundance of styles to match your desired aesthetic.

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Cool Vu Transitional Window Film Installers

Designed with occupant wellness and optimal solar performance embedded in its DNA, CoolVu’s stable photochromic technology is the world’s first dynamically performing climate responsive film technology.

Building glass, curtain wall, retail storefront and residential properties all benefit from CoolVu’s adaptive nature and impressive solar performance.

Let our professional project managers help you choose the right transitional film for your next project.

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