Blast Mitigation / Security Window Films


Blast mitigation window films help reduce the risks of high-velocity flying glass that occurs as a result of unexpected explosions or terrorist attacks. Our protective window films create barriers to help hold your glass together amidst a blast, protecting the people inside of the targeted and/or the surrounding buildings.

Some blast pressures can carry glass shards at speeds of up to 55-70 MPH, or up to 100 feet per second.

Blast mitigation film serves an effective means to better protect people, property, and possessions from flying glass shards, which is one of the most common blast-related injuries and fatalities.

Did you know that glass is the weakest link amidst a blast, and unprotected glass is one of greatest hazards that can be mitigated.  Our chosen blast mitigation window films are applicable to virtually any vulnerable glass, and our chosen products provide exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities.


Security Film & Anchoring Systems

GlassLock offer two different types of anchoring systems: a  mechanical system that uses extruded aluminum batten for attaching the security film to the window frame, a structural adhesive system.

Often fragment retention film / security film is applied directly to the surface of a window to reduce glass fragments and to increase the overall performance of the glass. Anchoring to the frames helps keep the glass shards and security film in the window opening (depending on the size of device / blast) and significantly reduces glass hazard due to those events.


BlastBlinds - Secondary Cable-Catch System

GlassLock BlastBlind offers a wide variety of retrofit solutions  for buildings of architectural and of historical significance.  Finite Element models of BlastBlind Systems are available to match the  geometry and construction of typical windows within a facility.

GlassLock's BlastBlind have shown to provide significant protection while preserving the physical nature and appearance  of historical windows.


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ForceDefender Window Systems

GlassLock's ForceDefender windows and doors offer the finest and most flexible architectural solutions to your security fenestration requirements. They come in primary and secondary versions, fixed or operable, with a customizable finish.

ForceDefender Window Systems have been tested to meet an ISC/GSA Performance Criteria Level 2 as-well-as provide Radio Frequency (RF) attenuation and electronic eavesdropping countermeasures.

Our new, energy efficient, low profile secondary windows provide a low cost security glazing solution to meet historical and architecturally significant requirements. These secondary windows are available in a fixed or operable configuration. The operable window is designed for easy access to the primary window for cleaning and maintenance.


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