Commercial and Government Window Film

AC Glass Tinting, LLC's experience on multiple commercial window film projects including office complexes and storefronts, makes us your clear choice company to install your next commercial window film job.  Our wide selection of commercial window films will provide energy savings, ensure your company's security needs, and will ensure your building the professional and aesthetically pleasing look that your tenants require.

Commercial Window Film Improves The Exterior of your Building!
Enhances the value and appearance 
Makes building more attractive to tenants
Gives windows a uniform look without the clutter of drapes and blinds
Makes building more energy efficient
Gives building a more upscale, contemporary appearance *

Commercial Window Film Improves The Comfort Inside your building!
Reduces the number of tenant complaints regarding comfort
Enhances Comfort by reducing temperature imbalances throughout your building
Significantly reduces the amount of solar heat entering your building
Reduces heat loss in cooler climates
Makes your building less expensive to heat and cool
Reduces HVAC Operational Costs
Extends the life of HVAC system 
Energy savings of up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of sunlit window film installed

Commercial Window Film Improves Value and Appearance of interior

Controls the amount of bright sunlight entering the window
Reduces the eyestrain and fatigue associated with glare
Reduces over 99% of ultraviolet rays -- the main contributors to fading
Reduces damage caused by fading
Meets ANSI Z97 and CPSC glazing standards Reduces Damage Caused by Fading 
Reduces over 99% of ultraviolet rays -- the main contributors to fading
Helps maintain the appearance of carpeting, woodwork and furnishings
Keeps the interior of your building looking newer longer
Allows for more usable space in the building 

Commercial Safety & Security Window Film Improves Safety of your Building!
Added protection against wind, water, violent weather, explosions and accidents
Shatter-resistant protection can significantly reduce personal injuries and liability due to flying glass.




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