Frosted Glass Window Film Installation

We were contacted by a local glass company, We Work in Washington, DC, to install decorative frosted window films for one of their locations. In the pictures in this article, you can see what it looks like after we applied the frosted films to their glass partitions.

To create this frosted window effect, we apply a thin layer of window film to every window or glass surface that the client wants frosted. We installed a 2 mm thick white matte frosted decorative window film. These frosted window films are an aesthetically pleasing way to add privacy to any glass surface, yet they still allow light to pass through, keeping the feeling of an open space. For business owners, it’s a great way to provide employees with the privacy they need to be more efficient and focus on their work.

Some of the types of businesses or places where you typically see frosted window films are Dr.s offices, dental offices, law firms, open office spaces with glass work cubicles or any other business or location that needs privacy for employees, clients and/or customers. Adding a level of confidentiality to your conference rooms, for example, can make people feel more comfortable when discussing important issues.

Location: Washington, DC

Customer: We Work

Product: 2 mm Thick White Matte Frosted Decorative Window Film

Category: Commercial

Besides the workplace, you can also find frosted glass on residential homes. Many people install them on their bathroom windows. They’re a great way to help a home owner feel more comfortable and prevent passers by from peering into their home.

One of the many benefits to these frosted window films is transparency. The film provides privacy, while still allowing natural light to enter through the window. This gives the glass a frosted appearance that looks professional but still accomplishes the goal of adding privacy.

Another benefit to these frosted films is cost. Frosted window films are an inexpensive alternative to more expensive window treatments like stained glass, and etched glass, where you have to install a whole new window.

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