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Do you own or run a commercial building in the Washington, DC area? Are you looking to save money on energy costs and make your building more comfortable and energy efficient? Would you like to increase the capacity of your air conditioning systems?

We were contacted by TETRA management on behalf of George Washington University’s University Professional Center, located in Ashburn, VA, because they needed an energy reduction solution for their Professional Center office building. We installed Huper Optik Energy Saver Ceramic 35 window film, which is a great commercial grade window film ideal for commercial buildings and homes alike. Huper Optik energy saver ceramic 35 window film has multiple uses and benefits. This series of window films reduces total solar energy by over 60% and prevents 99+% of the ultraviolet rays from entering your buildings.

Location: Ashburn, VA

Customer: George Washington University's Professional Center

Product: Huper Optik Energy Saver Ceramic 35

Category: Commercial

Window tinting films are a great way to solve a lot of problems, including fading to your interior furnishings and floors. Over time, ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause extensive damage. Sometimes this can take years, but in many cases, it takes only months, or even weeks. Investing in window tinting film can save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only can you save money by preventing furniture and other interior furnishings from fading and having to be replaced, but you can also save money on maintenance to your air conditioning units.

Window films reduce excessive heat before it enters your building in the first place. Some films reject up to 80+%! With less heat entering your building, you don’t have to run your air-conditioning nearly as often in order to keep it cool and comfortable. By not having to run your air conditioning often, you cut down on the wear and tear on your air conditioning units and save you money on energy costs.

Do you have a building that is unbearably hot during the summer months and is overloading your HVAC system? Are tenants complaining about being hot or uncomfortable? Are you concerned with your building’s energy efficiency and that it could be a deterrent to prospective tenants?

Would you like to save on expensive energy costs that are cutting into your earnings?

Contact Us today at | 540-253-5402. We can cut on your energy costs, save you money, and make your building a comfortable place for your it’s inhabitants.

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Commercial Energy Saving Window Film Ashburn VA George Washington University Professional Center Commercial Window Film