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Are you searching for a window tinting solution for a commercial building, local business, or offices?

At AC Glass Tinting, LLC, we specialize in commercial window tinting for large buildings, like the one seen in the image to the left, as well as home window tinting and marine window tinting applications. If you have any questions at all about window tinting, give us a call today at (540) 253-5402.

Recently, we received a call from JAMCO, who represents the Tysons Tower building in Tysons Corner, VA, because they were looking for window film to improve the view of their building from outside. As you can see in the images, the clear glass railing structure of the escalator, 3/4″ thick, exposes the interior concrete and subfloor structure. Seen as somewhat of an eyesore, they were looking to add SOLYX white construction vinyl film to hide the interior substructure and create a more aesthetically pleasing exterior.

Location: Tyson's Corner VA

Customer: JAMCO

Product: SOLYX White Opaque Construction Window Vinyl Film

Category: Commercial

This project was a little bit trickier than the average. One reason was the film needed to be installed using lifts to reach all areas of the glass, but the stairwells were hard to access and were very tight, making it difficult to maneuver in the space to get the window film installed properly. But, all in all, the installation went smoothly, the results turned out great, and our client was very happy.

Commercial window tinting films can be beneficial for many different reasons. As in this case, they can be used to aesthetically improve the exterior or interior view of your building. But they can also be used to control the sun and unwanted heat, glare and UV rays. Window film can dramatically increase the comfortability in your offices or building, while also reducing cooling costs at the same time.

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