Blast Resistant Security Window Film With Attachment System

We were contacted by the B'Nia Tzedek Congregation to apply a fragment retention security film and attachment system for maximum glass protection from possible attacks at their synagogue and school. Preferably, it would be one that would not alter the aesthetics of the glass in their beautiful building.

Location: Potomac MD

Customer: B'Nai Tzedek Congregation Synagogue and School

Product: Hanita 8 mil Clear security window film with Dow 995 Structural silicone attachment system

Categories: Residential, Commercial, National Retail, Security

We recommended the Hanita 8 mil clear security window film with a wet glaze Dow 995 structural silicone attachment system.  Hanita employs a stronger more aggressive adhesive system and superior optics for maximum performance and aesthetics.  Expertly installed, the results were outstanding.   Call A&C for a consultation.  540-253-5402

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